Survivors of MTB 622

At first I had found some information here about MTB 622 when I began my search.

Jim L'Esperance 023



nationality:      British
purpose:      war
type:      torpedo boat
subtype/class:      Fairmile D class motor torpedo boat
propulsion:      motor vessel (diesel)
date built:      1942
status: unknown


weight (tons):      118  grt
dimensions :      35.1 x 6.1 x 1.5 m
engine:      4 x Packard 4M 2500 petrol engines
armament:      2 x 6 pdr (2×1), 4 x 20mm Oerlikon (2×1, 1×2), 4 x .303 Vickers K gun (2×2), 4 x light boat depth charge,
power:      5000  h.p.
speed:      29  knots

about the loss

cause lost:      gunfire – shelled
date lost:      10 March 1943

about people

builder: Brooke, J. W., Lowestoft
owner:  British Royal Navy – Admiralty – RN, London
complement:      21

about the wreck

depth (m.):
war grave:


entered by:      Lettens Jan
entered:      23 March 2012
last update:      Lettens Jan
last update:

It was not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

So I looked for more information to find more clues.

MTB 622
ex-MGB 622
details: see MGB 622
Based at HMS St Christopher.
Destroyed by gunfire from German destroyers off Terschelling (10.03.1943).

Commanding Officer     23.11.1942-(02.1943)     T/Lt. F.W. Carr, RNVR

First Lieutenant     00.11.1942-(02.1943)     T/S.Lt. J.N. Snowden, RNVR

Third Officer     00.11.1942-(02.1943)     T/A/S.Lt. A.W. Smith, RNVR

MGB 622

Fairmile “D” type.
Builder: Brooke Marine (Lowestoft).
Ordered: 27.04.1941.
Completed: 10.11.1942.

Then more information…

No.622 (95t, 10/42), sunk by surface craft in attack on convoy off Terschelling, Holland, March 10, 1943

More again about a sailor aboard MTB 622…

A casualty…

DANIELS, Edwin F, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 351170, MTB.622, 10 March 1943, ship loss, MPK

This information about Ordinary seaman Daniels led to this one…

Casualties of War

The oldest known member to have died while in service with Coastal Forces is Stoker 1st Class Richard Thomas Rusbridge of HMS Hornet, who was aged 63. The youngest known casualty was Ordinary Seaman Edwin Frederick Daniels, who died on 10 March 1943, aged just 16, when his boat, MTB 622, was sunk by German destroyers off Terschelling.

By an unhappy coincidence, this was the very boat London Branch member Harry Leader (deceased) served on. Harry was fortunate to survive the sinking, but was severely injured in the process, and taken prisoner by the Germans. After an initial period of hospitalization, Harry found himself transferred to a POW camp in the heart of Germany, from where he was to eventually escape, making it all the way back to Allied lines! Harry was later awarded the DSM for his efforts in fighting the fire onboard MTB 622.

Then I found some more information on a forum with these messages written in 2007…

Terschelling, 9-10 March 1943

Posted by: BrianV (IP Logged)

Date: October 08, 2007 06:52PM

Hi all,

according to a British claim, German V-boote 1247 and 1248 were in action against MTBs 617, 622 and 624 that night, with one of them being badly damaged.

Chronik der Seekrieg only mentions that the MTB’s torpedos missed units of the 21st M-Flottille and no gun action with V-boote.

Convoy #410 was 15 nm off Wangerooge that night, but her escort did not include either of the mentioned V-boote

Can anyone confirm the British claim of damage?

Thanks, Brian

Re: Terschelling, 9-10 March 1943

Posted by: Axel van Eesbeeck (IP Logged)

Date: October 08, 2007 11:48PM

Hallo Brian

The MTB attacked a convoy near Terschelling. MTB-622 was sunk. The survivors were rescued by V-1300 (Loodsboot Nr. 17 / Pilote 17) So I think the escort came from the 13. V-flotilla (but I’m not sure)

I have no damage on V-1247 and V-1248 for that day and here something for the 13.03.1943

13.03.1943: Versenkung des norwegischen Frachters Hermod (1495 BRT) – MTB-617, MTB-624 und MTB-628
13.03.1943: Versenkung des deutschen, ex. belgischen Frachters Liège (4398 BRT) – MTB-617, MTB-624 und MTB-628

That’s all I have

Best regards


Re: Terschelling, 9-10 March 1943

Posted by: BrianV (IP Logged)

Date: October 09, 2007 06:47AM

Hello Axel,

thanks for the answer. Convoy #419 was escorted by M.,3, 4, 14 and 37, V.803, 805, 807, 1300 and DB-4.

The British claim they came across an outer screen, apparently not part of the convoy, may an offshore patrol, and attacked it, but they may just have confused the whole matter.

I am aware of the sinkings of Hermod and Liège on 13/3. Strangely, Chromik der Seekrieg only mentions the loss of Hermod. BTW, she was Swedish, not Norwegian.

Thanks again, best wishes,


So there was 10 survivors with one who probably did this drawing of MTB 622 for Jim L’Esperance.

Jim L'Esperance 023

This is another sailor who was a survivor.

Harry Leader

Able Seaman Harry Leader DSM MID


CFVA 1747


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