Jacques Morin, the last airman to touch ground in WWII Redux

I have a new reader on this blog.

Richard Koval.

I wonder if Richard knows this…

Believe it or not…

Jacques Morin was the last airman of 425 Alouette Squadron to touch ground in WWII.

His plane was the last one to touch down after the last raid.

The Alouettes’ parting fling at the foe was a daylight crack at gun batteries on Wangerooge in the late afternoon of 25 April, which came a week after a similar and even more satisfying blow at Heligoland, that flak and fighter outpost which had for so long been shown a hateful respect by bomber crews. When Command had done its deadly work, both islands were little more than cratered shambles. No 425’s last crew to bomb Festung Europa was led by Flt. Lt. L.R. Paquette, whose bomb-aimer, Flying Officer L.J. Mallette, pressed the bomb-release button at 1720 hours. The last to land after a flight over enemy territory was captained by Flying Officer J.E. Marcoux. When he eased “T”-Tare on to the Tholthorpe runway at precisely 1950 hours, the Alouette show in the heavy bombing campaign of the Second World War was a fait accompli.


Since he was the tail gunner, he was the last airman to touch ground.

Nuncie « Nick » Leone RCAF 405 Squadron

This picture comes from his private collection. Everything I wrote about him on my other blog comes from his private collection. He was willing to share it with my readers. 

Jacques Morin is not pictured here on a Lancaster. It’s another tail gunner. 425 Alouette converted on Lancasters in early May 1945 too late for operations over Germany.

You can visit my other blog and enjoy all the pictures Jacques Morin shared. I have written more than 180 posts since April 2010.

Just click here.


Richard, I am so glad you’re back.


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