Pictures taken at Marlag und Milag Nord

Jim L'Esperance 026 Jim L'Esperance 025These pictures were taken at the prison camp.

prisoners 1 prisoners1 prisoners 3

More information about that camp here.

This is another drawing given to Jim L’Esperance when he was a POW at Marlag und Milag Nord.

I scanned it from the Wartime Log.

Jim L'Esperance 024

We could be led to believe that the sailor who drew it must have been related to HMS Furious.

More information here about that ship.

HMS Furious Striking Force of Norway?

J. Martin?

HMS Furious was never sunk.

Maybe J. Martin only liked that ship…

Anyway, I found the name of a J. Martin on this Webpage, part of this Website.

This J. Martin donated £5

DONATIONS. We are fortunate to have received a large number of donations lately, including some from members who are now paying their membership subscription by standing order and who include a bit extra as a donation. We would like to thank the following for their kind donations; J Aitken £5, Anonymous £20, Bert Arnold £5, Doug Arthur £15, D Avey £5, J Banfield (Sec RAF POW Assoc) £20, Pete Barber £25, R S Barma £10, W F Barratt £15, S Barthorpe £5, Mrs Andrea Bell £10, M Bentley £10, K Bolam £10, Mr Bonner £5, T Burke £5, Mrs Care £10, T H Carpenter £5, E A Cattermole £25, T G Chapman £5, J Charters £15, J Clinch £5, G H Collins £5, Peter Constable £25 (via Chalfont St Giles Womens Institute), C Cook £15, J Costen £5, Mrs Coxell £25, W S Crighton £2, G Crisp £15, J F C Crouch £10, J Cruttenden £10, G J Dale £5, Oscar D’Alcorn £5, Mr W Davies £10, G J Duffree £10, Dr Peter Duffus £100, D A Elliot £5, Arthur Evans CBE £5, D Evans MM £2, K Fuller £5, Mr N L Giles £5, F J Gill £5, Mrs J Gosling £10, J Green £5, Mr E J Haines £5, F C Harding £5, J Harper £20, E J Hatchett £5, Ann Hayes £10, Mr John Hazell £5, Mrs B Holden £5, H Jackson £5, Yves Jaulmes £10, Mr J R Johnstone £5, Bob Jones £5, T Jones £5,  Mr Frank Knight, £15, Mrs D Lamisong £20, Mrs M C Lawrence £5, A Lister £5, John Lowe £5, K Manifold £5, E Marshall £15, Mr J Martin £5, F McGauley £5, E McNulty £5, Jim McQueen £5, E Mitchell £5, G L Money £5, S J H Morse £5, Mr Ed Norman, £20, M J M Orr £20, E Parrish £25, E Payne £5, Mrs M Peachey £10, W Pearce £5, J B Ponting £5, Mrs Ramsay £5, Real Life Media Productions £25, J Reeder £5, G Reid £5, G Robb £20, F Ruse £5, H Salmon £10, E Sankey £15, M Shand £5, P Shurmer £5, Mr F Sinnott £5, E Skipper £5, A Smith £15, R F Smith £10, Mrs Snell £10, Mrs V Taylor £5, H Tooze £15, F J Vokes £15, S Wade £25, F Walker £20, Mr V E Walker £10, N Warnke £5, H Welch £10, Mr T  W Welton £5, Mrs Y Winson £10, W C J Witt £1, J Wort £5.  All donations, large or small are welcome and will be put to good use.


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