The Association

National Prisoners of War Association

Sharon, Jim L’Esperance’s daughter would help her Dad with the Association.

Her message she sent is quite revealing.

Dad sent letters out to members of the association  informing them of upcoming events such as trips to France.  I did the typing for him.  He bought me an old Underwood typewriter and he would come over to the house and get me to do any correspondence he needed done.  I don’t know if he was the President of the association or if he was the Secretary.  I rather think he was the President.

He would contact the members, arrange meetings for those who were close by and they would plan any upcoming events.  The last time I asked him about the association he told me there were only 8 active members left.

I don’t remember how many trips they made to Europe, but he did tell me he met the Commander of the ship that picked him up out of the ocean.  They talked together for a while, the fellow felt bad about how little he could do for the men as far as getting them cleaned up and having any clothing for them.  Dad said he assured him there were no hard feelings, and they were grateful he managed to get them out of the water and back to land. 


Wilhelm MeentzenWilliam Meentzen

from the book Unlucky Lady


Sharon sent me this newspaper clipping about the Association.

Newspaper clipping about the Association


3 thoughts on “The Association

  1. Sharon;

    Sure wish I had known you had that photo of Meentzen. I could have used it for ASM. I tried to find out if he was still alive to interview, but he must have passed away.


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