Navigator: P/O. Claude Gerald Berges, J/95209 R.C.A.F. Age 27. Killed

Sometimes I come across a story. This is a sad one, but with a sort of happy ending.

It shows how people want to pay homage to the fallen. I can’t tell you how I came across that story right now, but one day I hope I will.

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Shortly before 14:00 hours, a strike force comprising of thirty Beaufighters escorted by ten Mustang fighters, took off to attack a destroyer and eight other German naval craft sheltering in Førde Fjord.

 The commander of the destroyer, knowing his ship had been spotted earlier in the day by a reconnaissance flight, sailed deeper into the fjord seeking the protection of the high cliffs on the shore line.

Normally the strike would be made from an easterly direction allowing the Beaufighters to attack the target and make a hasty retreat out towards the sea.

Upon arriving at the target however, the destroyer, now moored right under the cliffs, forced the wing commander to change the direction of attack.

Due to the narrow confines of the fjord only one aircraft at a time could make the attack which was met with heavy anti aircraft fire from the flak ships and the garrisons stationed on the cliffs above. –

More on Berges on the CVWM Website


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