National Prisoners of War Association

This was the first page in Jim L’Esperance’s Wartime Log.

It had to be important.

Jim L'Esperance 002There is very few information on the Internet about this association.

This association is a long standing member of NCVA. It was formed in 1971 to fight for pension rights for Prisoners of War veterans from the European Theatre of the Second World War.


Hi Jim,

Can you fill me in on the background surrounding this artefact taken from the Wartime Log?

I forgot to scan the documents related to it.

I believe your father started a chapter in Manitoba if I remember correctly what I read on a page.


National Prisoners of War AssociationJim wrote me this…

Pierre, I can recall my dad putting ads in the Winnipeg Tribune and the Winnipeg Free Press trying to locate former prisoners to start an association.

He had some success and I recall they did form their association and the crest you have was worn by the members. I am not sure what they achieved or what happened with the association.



2 thoughts on “National Prisoners of War Association

    1. Jim and his sister Sharon (Jim L’Esperance’s children) don’t know.

      I believe that it was important to Jim Senior.

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