Able Seaman William D. McCrindle

Able Seaman William D. McCrindle was just a name in the book Unlucky Lady.

cover page 1Until Garry sent me this.


Garry had this message with it.


I received the attached article for my website from Jim Dobell – William McCrindle was his wife’s cousin.

They gave me permission to forward this to you as well.

Yours Aye


You can visit Garry’s Website.

Garry and I…

We fight as oneWe fight as one



9 thoughts on “Able Seaman William D. McCrindle

  1. Hi Pierre,
    My father sailed on the Athabaskan in 1943 and is mentioned in the book the Unlucky Lady he as I was told was a gunner the day the ship was attached.
    His name is Francis Rene Harbour from Montreal.
    Cliff Harbour

  2. My dad was in Halifax having an appendix operation when the Athabaskan sailed for the last time and was sunk. He did return to us but very seldom talked about the war. He joined the navy in 1939 and was discharged in 1945-46, not sure. If you read the book the Unlucky Lady he did receive a mention in dispatch and received a letter from the King of England. Do not know what happened to the letter but did see it years ago. He also sailed on the Haida as I was told.
    Can you check his records?
    I have my dads medals, 5 of them.

    My uncle Gerry Harbour was also in the Navy.

    1. I can’t check his service records. Only family can get it from Archives which takes about 6 months to get it, and only if serviceman is deceased.

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