Genuine artefact?

I posted this yesterday on my blog RCAF 403 Squadron.

Pat Murphy had sent me this.


this letter and this Canadian one dollar bill have been in a file at the Vancouver Island Military Museum for many years.

Buzz Beurling Dollar bill

We came across it a while back as we sorted through the many artefacts that we have yet to put on display. I would like to make it part of the Spitfire display in fact I would like to create a special display just for this and place it next to the picture we have of Canada’s most famous Spitfire ace, if I can verify its authenticity then we will put it up on display.

Having never seen a copy of George Beurlings signature before I’m a little hesitant to claim it’s genuine, I thought if it were to be published on your blog site I may get some opinion from a collector of signatures who has seen Buzz Beurling signature.
The letter that came with the Canadian dollar bill tries to determine the names of the other signatures and has managed to figure some of them out, others are not eligible and I guess will never be known.

Beurling Dollar Bill info

On the back side of the dollar bill we see the name P/O G F Beurling, that signature is easy to read as is the words SHORT SNORTER in block letters on the left side of the bill.

Buzz Beurling Dollar bill signature

The date, September 25, 1942. Beurling was in Malta and claimed  a victory that day as well as one damaged. It stands to reason he might be celebrating that night with friends. I know he did not drink but he was famous for socializing with the fair sex and several female names appear on the bill.

Buzz Beurling Dollar bill 001 90L Buzz Beurling Dollar bill 001 180

Buzz Beurling Dollar bill 001 90L

Buzz Beurling Dollar bill Short

The tradition of the Short Snorter is not well known, It was common during the Second World War and maybe, just maybe this dollar bill is the genuine article. If any of your readers have an opinion I would love to hear them.
Pat Murphy
Vancouver Island Military Museum
Nanaimo B.C.

This morning Pat contacted me again.

He had this!

Beurlings signature

Pierre, I found this George “Screwball “Beurling signature on -line a few days ago, I’ve compared the shape of the letters and I find lots of similarities however I’m no expert when it come to signatures. I did send the information via email to the Malta Air Museum a few months ago as well a copy to Brian Cauchi a Malta Spitfire expert, Author and historian that lives in Malta. The Malta Museum did not have a copy of his signature to make a comparison nor did they say that this might not be his signature. Brain Cauchi had much the same opinion.
I also sent the information off to a Malta Squadron mate but regrettably I received no answer from him, he passed away a few weeks after I sent the information and he did not reply to my letter. I have attached a copy of the Beurling signature and you might want to post it and let your readers take a stab at comparing both signatures.
Pat Murphy
Vancouver Island Military Museum

Nanaimo B.C.

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