Jim L’Esperance’s Wartime Log

Jim L'Esperance 001This was given to Jim L’Esperance by the Red Cross.

Jim L'Esperance 003

There was a letter sent with the Wartime Log.

Jim L'Esperance 010 (2)Life was very harsh for POWs in Marlag und Milag Nord. Food was scarce as well as heating.

Jim L’Esperance survived the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan.

He came close to being rescued by HMCS Haida.

Athabaskan sinking 1944taken from the book Unlucky Lady

That was not meant to be…

Haida with survivorsThe lucky few rescued
(taken from the book Unlucky Lady)

Jim L’Esperance used his Wartime Log to document his stay at Marlag und Milag Nord.

You can watch videos made in 1945 when the prisoners were liberated from the prison camp.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3A

Part 3B

Every Monday I will post what Jim L’Esperance pasted in his Wartime Log leading us to April 29, 2014, 70 years after the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan.

cover page 1

Here is a preview of what I will post.


Jim L'Esperance 006Jim L'Esperance 008Jim L'Esperance 009Jim L'Esperance 007Jim L'Esperance 010Jim L'Esperance 011Jim L'Esperance 012Jim L'Esperance 013Jim L'Esperance 014Jim L'Esperance 017Jim L'Esperance 019Jim L'Esperance 015Jim L'Esperance 020Jim L'Esperance 021Jim L'Esperance 022Jim L'Esperance 023Jim L'Esperance 024


8 thoughts on “Jim L’Esperance’s Wartime Log

    1. There is a story behind each drawing made in the Wartime Log.
      Each POW has his own story to tell.

      As always I don’t know where all this will lead me.
      I just post what people share with me.

  1. Have to agree with gpcox! This will be a fascinating series, Pierre, and I’m looking forward to your usual, thorough look at this topic, this artifact, these men.

    1. I knew these artifacts were to be share.
      I have two more things this week that are not related per se, but are interesting.
      One story is just incredible.

  2. Jim;
    We know that your dad Jim L’Esperance and John a Fairchild were two of the three prisoners to make a successful escape but who was the third person? Perhaps Pierre’s followers might know.

    1. Sherry

      My Dad and Fairchild escaped with two other prisoners. I believe those two were caught when the Germans searched for the missing prisoners and they were found. They were both shot by the Germans.

      If I remember right my dad said they were Norwegians.


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