Still looking

I am still looking for any lead in my search for Feldwebel Günther Kramer.

I even wrote to five Gunther Kramer on Facebook!

I found another piece of information here.

Eckehardt Priebe 1916 Oblt. 3 31.08.40 Gefangenschaft
Hans-Jürgen Ehrig 1912 Oblt. 3 31.08.40 Gefangenschaft
Hans Petrenko 1917 Lt. 0 31.08.40 Gefangenschaft
Walter Evers 1912 Fw. 0 31.08.40 gefallen, Luftkampf (Themsemündung)
Günther Kramer 1918 Fw. 0 31.08.40 gefallen, Luftkampf (Themsemündung)
Xaver Keck 1917 Uffz. 0 31.08.40 Gefangenschaft

I wonder where they got that information.

Feldwebel Günther Kramer (born 1918) shot down in an air combat over the Thames River. All six pilots were from JG51 “Molders” according to this Website.

I was tempted to look for the other pilots.

I could not resist.

Remember, I haven’t the faintess idea why I am doing all this.

PriebeSource here

Bf109BSpainnr6-33collageAeronet_PriebeSource here

I don’t know a lot about the Spanish Civil War.

It appears Eckehardt Priebe flew a Bf 109B-2.


He shot down a I-16 on May 14, 1938.

He appears also he wrote a book.



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