Feldwebel Günther Kramer

I knew I would get some help from very knowledgeable people.

I got this message on the forum 12 O’Clock High where I posted a request.

Taken from Luftwaffe crash archives:

31 August 1940 Bf 109 E-1 Wn 6092 marks: 5+ unit: 1. /JG 77

Place: Shornemead Fort, Gravesend, Kent at 13.20H

While escorting bombers at 23000 ft to Hornchurch aerodrome this aircraft was attacked by a Hurricane, the controls and engine being damaged and the aircraft made a belly landing but started to burn and was almost completely destroyed.

Markings: most of the nose appeared to have been painted yellow.

Pilot: Feldwebel Günther Kramer EK II badly burnt, POW

There are two photos of the Bf 109 after the fire had been put out and a note saying, the pilot had in his pockets three receipts from shops in Aalborg dated 19th August 1940.



Then this one…

6092 is pictured three times in Prien Teil 2 pages 458 & 459 in Frankfurt Rhein/Main after a “Kopfstand”.

It does exist one photo (eBay) showing only the tail (including WNr.) displaying one victory on fin (Poland fights or better the only one 1.Staffel victory registered on 03/01/1940 – snow on picture – by Fw. Gotthard Goltzsche?). “Weisse 5+”.

Another one showing only the nose but in connection with other photos proving it’s white 5.

And a third one showing the full plane; no victory visible; WNr. not readable.

All in early camouflage and, maybe nothing to do with your pilot.

Thanks Stig to have pointed the loss.

Regards, Franck.

Any more information is be more than welcome.


2 thoughts on “Feldwebel Günther Kramer

    1. Not the plane he flew, but close…


      This one crash at the same time…


      Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 1./JG77 (W13+) Oblt. Hans-Jurgen Ehrig crash-landed Tenterden, Kent POW 31st August 1940 01

      Photo 01: The Bf 109E-4, ‘White 13’ of Oblt. Hans-Jurgen Ehrig, the Staffelkapiilin of 1./JG77, lies crumpled in a field at Gates Farm near Tenterden, Kent on the afternoon of POW 31st August 1940. Damaged by fighters while over Hornchurch on an escort mission, Ehrig attempted to return to France but, harried by F/Lt. M.L. Robinson of 601Sqn, he was forced to put his damaged aircraft down and was subsequently taken prisoner. POW 31st August 1940 was disastrous for JG77 which, newly introduced to the Battle of Britain, lost five aircraft from 1.Staffel and one from 2.Staffel.



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