Here is some more:

The “shoulder patch” looking item – the black monument over the black white and red flag: It is off a black armband for DRKB-Deutscher ReichsKriegerBund (German National-Veteran’s-Association) – if you look at it closely you can see the black threads around the edges from where it was cut off.

patch 2

The small circular badge with what looks like gold thread around the edge with a flag and monument in the middle …. (for this one I offer two possibilities)


 1) it is a miniature, probably to be sewn on a jacket  of the Grand flag for the German DRKB, “Deutscher Reichs-Krieger-Bund” (German National-veterans’-association)

2) I found a website that says it’s a German Imperial Cap badge (but with no further information). To me a German Imperial Cap badge is from WW I.

The Eagle with the Swastika still eludes me but I’m searching …..

pin 1

The cloth badge with the pin of the German Imperial Naval Ensign eludes me as well.

patch 1

I can find similar cloth badges but not an exact match.

Now, to put this all together because until a few minutes ago this was confusing me …. why would a World War II POW come home to Canada and bring home German World War I medals and insignia from a German veterans association that would be full of WW I members?

Then it hit me!

The guards at the POW camps were men deemed to old for the front lines but could still serve the Third Reich as POW camp guards – such a World War One vets.

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