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Comment from Gary Weir

I believe the Iron Cross for 1914 is an Iron Cross 2nd Class. 

Medal 1

The second Iron Cross with the date of 1813 has FW for Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia who issued it.

Medal 3

The “W” on the one dated 1914 is for Kaiser Wilhelm. 

 Medal 2

The photo of the two ribbons …. the black and white ribbon is for the Iron Cross. 


The red and white on I haven’t been able to identify. 

The medal dated 1914 – 1918 is the German Honour Cross issued to front line veterans – it was established on 13 July 1934 – the “Honour Cross for Participants in the World War 1914/1918”

Medal 1

The stick pin of a Swastika in a gear cog – is a pin of the DAF – a National Socialist trade union which replaced many work unions after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

pin 2

The Eagle with the Swastika stick pin ….

pin 1

I haven’t been able to find a match as of yet.

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