Feldwebel Günther Kramer

I got this message this morning.

I was expecting it.

Last year we were given an envelope which held a shoulder strap with the following written on the front.

Sgt Major Günther Kramer was a Messerschmitt pilot shot down over Kent. He was taken as a POW. He was one of five billeted out on Chivers Farm Aldreth near Ely (Cambs).

He gave me his pilots shoulder strap as a souvenir when he returned to Germany, we called him Jack, he had been a school teacher before being called up, he came from Altenburg, he wrote a few letters when he returned home.

I have done some research to try and find any descendants  so that we could return these items but without success and wondered if you might be luckier.

I look forward to your reply and if you would like a picture of the shoulder strap I will attach one when we next communicate.

With Thanks,

I did reply…

So here is the shoulder strap.


Any information is be more than welcome.


8 thoughts on “Feldwebel Günther Kramer

  1. I am, though this is all very third hand. I met the seekers of information, a local historian and his wife, after he had given a lecture at my old college. I eavesdropped on a conversation about WWII airfields and then they told me about their quest. It is a small world now.

    1. If we don’t look for information, we won’t find anything.
      My virtual meeting with you, and then with Marcus Bicknel, shows us the path to follow.

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