From Bill

HMCS Athabaskan G-07  It’s a fantastic model, the quality is museum grade. Hope you enjoy the video and find it of value for your site.

Happy New Year


Click here.


9 thoughts on “From Bill

  1. My father served on the Athabaskan and I would like to purchase a colour picture of this model to donate to our legion to put on display on a wall in our legion if possible.


    1. I don’t know about this.
      This video was put on You Tube in 2008.
      You will have to do a little research on this Jim.


  2. Bill, this is fabulous. What did I miss here…..was your dad a sailor Onboard GO7? I have been to Plouescat and Ile de Batz and Brignogan Plages (3 of 9 civilian cemeteries where Athabaskan’s are buried). The graves are all immaculately kept and the sailors always thought of as heroes! Yes, there is a model in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
    Sherry Pringle

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