We Fight as One: the Sequel

From Barry Acorn… after he wrote this comment:

Good morning Pierre

I continue to enjoy your blog . Just to identify my father John J. Acorn as being the fourth from the left in the top back row. In the picture Prisoners returning home to Canada. I will be sending you some material within a few days.

Thanks so much for your work on this blog I too can understand some of the hardships that these brave men have experienced in sailing the Oceans of the world during my career as a Master Mariner for 35+ years.

Barry Acorn

Most precious artefacts!

athab2 pow releasedPicture taken from Yves Dufeil’s Website
John Acorn collection

IMG_0582[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0583[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0586[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0588[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0589[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0590[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0591[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0592[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0593[1]John Acorn’s collection

IMG_0594[1]Letter dated June 24, 1944

John Acorn’s collection

We fight as oneWe Fight as One


5 thoughts on “We Fight as One: the Sequel

  1. Pierre,

    I was reading your information from Barry Acorn and I found the metal tag pictures on his site. I went through some of the things my dad brought home which included German pins and money as well as a nazi armband. I found a metal tag in the bottom of the box with the number 1310.

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