He had nightmares…

Sometimes you can’t stop searching for the truth…

This is probably my last post about HMCS Athabaskan on this blog.

When I told one of Pierre Bachant’s daughters about the Athabaskan in 2009, I said to her not to ask too many questions about the sinking. I was afraid of her father’s reactions.

Athabaskan sinking 1944HMCS Haida rescuing sailors (source Unlucky Lady)

She did not follow my advice.

I would have like to ask him myself some questions to verify if he had made a mistake when he talked about the sinking: the name of the Captain, the name of the ship that rescued him.

I did not.

I could have asked his daughter for her father’s death certificate when he died in 2010, and then write Archives Canada for his service records, posing as a relative, and finding out if he was really aboard.

I could not do that.

I think my wife’s uncle, who had lied about his age when he enlisted, did not lie to us.

In the book Unlucky Lady, his name does not appear on the list of Athabaskan’s Company present on her last patrol, 28/29 April 1944.

A reader once told me that her father’s name was not on that list also. Not being on the list was not the proof I needed.

cover page 1

When Pierre’s daughter showed him this picture I had sent her, her father told her the man’s nickname in the middle was..


Pierre Bachant Thin

Could he have made up such a story?

What do you think?

Did he or did he not make up that story about being aboard HMCS Athabaskan on April 29, 1944?

Pierre Bachant 2

And if he did, did I write this blog all for nothing?

Something tells me this is not my last post about HMCS Athabaskan on this blog.

Good morning  Pierre

I am the son of John Acorn one of the Athabaskan survivors and pow.  I have a number of news paper clippings that were collected by family members during WWII and would like to share them with you and others . I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of years.  I also have come upon some pdf copies of  The Canadian Legion magazine with mention and pictures of my father and and his four brothers and an extensive list of other service men and women that also served in the military during WWII from Prince Edward Island. If you could reply with your address I would be happy to send you a copy of the information I have collected and possibly there may be something you may want to add to your blog.

Best regards
Barry Acorn


John Acorn’s name is on the list of Athabaskan’s Company present on her last patrol, 28/29 April 1944…

He was a lead stoker from Cardigan, P.E.I. Pierre Bachant told us he was in the engine room when the ship was hit the first time. The next thing he remembered what that he was rescued by a ship…

Athabaskan sinking 1944


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