In search of a HMCS Athabaskan sailor

Finding this Website rekindled my interest for my wife’s uncle’s story. He told us he was a stoker aboard HMCS Athabasban that faithful night of April 29, 1944.

The story of a ship that I had never heard before until a family reunion at my brother-in-law’s place near Cornwall, Ontario.

This is when I started writing this in 2009. You can click here to read the first post written on August 29.

So many people contributed to this blog that I wrote more than 440 articles. Sometimes I wonder why I am writing all this.

I got my answer in my exchange of e-mails with Mr. Weir who has the Website For Posterity’s Sake Canadian Genealogy.

It’s about remembering people and let everyone share what we have found about them.

Remembering people like my wife’s uncle who could be here on this picture.

Pierre Bachant

I still have no proof he was really aboard.

This is why I have been writing that much since 2009.


4 thoughts on “In search of a HMCS Athabaskan sailor

  1. I commend you for pulling together the facts and proofs that place names, faces, involvement in military events, and fates not only for survivors and families, but for people who just want these men always to be remembered for the challenges they met, they sacrifices the made, the history in which they were a part.

    It is no small task you took on, but it is very important the older the surviving men grow.

    You and G.P. Cox are two bloggers for whom I hold the greatest esteem for what you do to assure the bigger event of war doesn’t blot out the individual histories of the people involved in them.

    1. I appreciate the comment you made.
      You will see the sequel to this post tomorrow.
      This is like a big jigsaw puzzle being put together.
      People have been so generous in sharing because they know I am not profiting from all this.
      No PayPal donation.
      This is why the necktie means so much to me…

  2. Pierre,
    Did I tell you I know the whereabouts of one of AthaB’s stokers? I can’t recall if we have already had this conversation, but if you wish to speak with him to see if he remembers your wife’s uncle, just email me and I’ll give you his phone number. But I would be interested in hearing if he remembers your uncle. I visited him recently.
    Sherry Pringle

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