I am impressed! Redux

Each time when I want to ease up a bit on this blog there is always something that pops up. Like the Website that left a big impression.

Click here once again to see the changes made to this Web page.

For PosterityHere are most of the pictures related to HMCS Athabaskan that I have posted on this blog since 2009.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This blog is not only about pictures but stories behind all of them.

Next time, will I ever ease up on this blog?


6 thoughts on “I am impressed! Redux

  1. Pierre, when Manitoba came out with personalized license plates, my dad applied for go7, which he received and always had on his cars until he passed away in 1988.
    One of my sisters must have the plate because I have not seen it since.
    He was very proud of his license plate and people always asked what it meant.


  2. I certainly hope NOT! How can you ease up when so many people look to you for help, support and information? I’m afraid you’re too good for your own good!

  3. Ease Up? I met some people today who have been trying to reunite the family of a German (POW) airman with some badges/medals/memorabilia that they have been given/inherited. They have had no luck, even in his home town. So, guess what, I suggested they contact you as a long shot, because of the kind of people who read your blogs… sorry.

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