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I have been writing this blog since 2009 when my wife’s uncle told us in a family reunion about the Athabaskan.


I knew nothing about that ship even if I had a very good knowledge about WWII.

No one in the family knew that Pierre Bachant was a sailor aboard a ship during WWII. We knew that his brother Jean was wounded on Juno Beach. When we started talking about Jean, this is when he started talking.

Just a little and then he stopped like a ship dead in the water.

Athabaskan sinking 1944HMCS Haida rescuing sailors

Pierre Bachant was rescued. He was one of 44 lucky ones. 128 of his shipmates lost their lives and more than 83 were taken prisoners.

Most veterans will keep their war memories to themselves. I have learned that since 2009 and I have been sharing what people have shared with me since then.

I had to know what had happened that faithful night of April 29, 1944 off  Île de Batz., an island off Roscoff in Brittany, France.

438 posts since 2009, but not only on HMCS Athabaskan.


This post is number 439 and it is time to reflect upon this blog.

You can read all that I have written on this blog since 2009. There are a lot of wonderful sad stories to reflect upon.

Next Monday I will invite you to see another Website that pays homage to those who served their country and never came back to never talk about it. 

Lest we forget.



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