Richard Koval where are you?

Richard Koval had the most fantastic Website about Bomber Command Group 6.

Information you could not believe.

Information that helped you in your search for airmen who flew with different RCAF squadrons.

Richard Koval’s Website is no where to be found on the Internet. I still have some saved pages he posted. Most pages I have saved are about 425 Alouette the only French-Canadian squadron in the RCAF during WWII.

logo escadron 425

I wonder if I should post what I had saved here on this blog to help other people in their search for airmen.


W/CDR J. St. Pierre Jan.1, 1943-Sept. 30, 1943
J. Richer Oct. 1, 1943-April 3, 1944
R. McLernon April 4, 1944-May 23, 1944
J. Lecomte May 24, 1944-Aug. 20, 1944
H. Ledoux Aug. 21, 1944-June 10, 1945
Dishforth Jan. 1, 1943-May 15, 1943
Dishforth Nov. 6, 1943-Dec. 9, 1943
Tholthorpe Dec. 10, 1943-June 12, 1945
Wellington III,  X
Halifax III


Koval2The R. Habel Crew of 424 & 425 Squadron

Back row L to R :
WO2 V. Parent RCAF Wireless Op;
F/O F. De Windt RCAF, Bomb aimer;
SGT J. Coulombe, Air Gunner.

Front Row L to R:
F/S J. Sigouin RCAF, Navigator;
F/S R. Habel RCAF, Pilot;
Sgt  Deniset RCAF, Air  Gunner.

Missing from the photo is T. Dawson RCAF, Flight engineer.

Koval Habel crewPhoto graciously supplied by Frances Spongberg

Koval4The R. Archambault crew of 425 Squadron

Front L to R:
P/O A. Pinnegar
RCAF, Wireless op;
Sgt G. Spring RCAF, Mid-upper gunner;
Sgt H. Hill RCAF, Rear gunner.

Back row L to R:
F/Lt R. Archambault
RCAF, Pilot;
W. Horsnall RCAF, Navigator;
F/O P. Simpson RCAF, Bomb aimer;
Sgt G. Birch RAF, F/Eng

Koval4 R Archambault crewPhoto graciously supplied by Richard Girouard

Koval5The C. Bouchard crew of 425 Squadron

Front L to R:
P/O J. Labelle
RCAF, Wireless Op;
P/O W. Gardiner RCAF, Mid-upper gunner;
P/O S. Hasty RCAF, Rear gunner.

Back row L to R:
F/Lt C. Bouchard
RCAF, Pilot;
F/O J. Beauvais RCAF, Navigator;
F/O L. Lavalee RCAF, Bomb aimer;
P/O J. Knight
RCAF, Flt Engineer.

Koval C Bouchard crew Photo graciously supplied by Richard Girouard

If you would like information about airmen who were with 425 Squadron during WWII, you can contact me using this contact form.


13 thoughts on “Richard Koval where are you?

    1. Someone wrote me about his father who was with 425 Squadron.
      I looked at what I had in my files.
      I found those Webpages with only one mention of his father’s pilot’s name.
      I have contacted a friend who will help me find more about this man’s father.

  1. Richard Koval has been found!
    After a frustrating series of attacks on the 6 Group website, we had decided to give it a rest. We had 3 attacks in a very short period of time in which the site was infected with malware that infected the computers of our visitors. Not a nice situation at all. In the meantime our domain name expired and we couldn’t access it to renew as it was through our former host who was no longer interested in hosting as the malware was causing a lot of grief.

    We are now live again at Thanks to everyone for the concern and kind words about the site.

    Richard & Tee

  2. We have a few glitches resulting from moving the site to a new domain name. Feel free to e-mail me if you encounter broken links and I’ll get them sorted out as time allows. First up is fixing the search function, hopefully by the end of today.

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