On a lighter note…

Post no. 425

Pun intended of course yesterday if you have read post no. 424 on this blog paying homage to veterans.

I know I won’t make friends with some people.


Click on the image at your own risk…

This is the link again to that lighter note. 

And this is the comment sent from the person who sent it to me yesterday.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for this interesting and important article from the Huffington Post. I forwarded it to all my email addressees.

It is sad and depressing to see ‘how low’ our supposed democratic Government of Canada has stooped.

You can bet all the ‘politicians’ will be at the Canada’s Cenotaphs on the 11th of November with their hypocritical heads bowed vying for the opportunist ‘Photo Op’.

I plan to turn my back when the politicians speak and lay their wreaths. 



To learn more about our Minister of Veterans Affairs

Click here.

It does not hurt to have a little controversy once and a while before November 11th.


Click on the poppy



One thought on “On a lighter note…

  1. Hi Pierre,

    Thank you for posting this ‘expose’ on the ‘hypocasy’ inherent in the Minister of Veterans Affairs bureau and its close relative the VRAB.

    It angers and saddens me to see and hear the hollow words of the Prime Minister and his cronies about all the ‘big money’ they are spending on their beloved Veterans.

    After the November 11th ‘photo op’ Harper will have (at taxpayers expense) having his shyster lawyers ‘fighting’ his/our Veterans in the courts (Equitas).

    This Conservative (Reform) regime has an ‘us against them attitude’ towards Disabled Veterans and if one reads (independent) reports the VRAB and its political appointees have a culture of Denials towards the many Disabled Veterans who have applied with ‘legitimate’ Disability Claims.

    Shame on these mean spirited and unethical politicians who seem attracted to the Conservative Government.

    You can bet they will be out there on Remembrance Day for their annual ‘photo ops’.

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