Are You a Good Spotter?

So how did you score?

How many have you identified correcty?

planes 7-4

Plane no. 1

planes 7-2

Plane no. 2

planes 7-1

Plane no. 3

planes 6-4

Plane no. 4

planes 6-3

Plane no. 5

planes 6-2

Plane no. 6

planes 6-1

Plane no. 7

planes 5-4

Plane no. 8

planes 5-3

Plane no. 9

planes 5-2

Plane no. 10

planes 5-1

Plane no. 11

planes 3-4

Plane no. 12

planes 3-3

Plane no. 13

planes 3-2

Plane no. 14

planes 3-1

Plane no. 15

planes 1-4

Plane no. 16

planes 1-3

Plane no. 17

planes 1-2

Plane no. 18

planes 1-1

Plane no. 19

Come back tomorrow for the answers.


3 thoughts on “Are You a Good Spotter?

  1. Roger Tory Peterson, better known for his bird field guides, helped develop these “field guides” for aircraft during the war. He used his system of bird identification by field marks to aid identification of aircraft, and, no doubt, that helped the war effort greatly!

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