Patrick Maguire

Marilyn is looking for information on her father.

Could anyone out there tell me if it is possible to find out names of pilots who flew the Mosquito and their squadrons? My father flew the Mosquito but I do not know what squadron he was in.

Patrick Maguire never talked much about the war like so many veterans, but he talked to his daughter about the Mosquito.



Having his service record will help us find more about him and thus help Marilyn find out more about her father.

Patrick Maguire’s service commenced on 11 June 1942.

service commenced

He was a LAC (Leading Aircrafman) and was discharged to get a commission as a Flying Officer on May 5th, 1944. He got promoted on November 5th, 1944.

promoted as Flying OfficerBut Flying Officer does not mean that he was a pilot per se. Pilot Officer was just a rank. Navigators, bomb aimers, air gunners were sometimes Pilot Officer.

There are no entries about logging some flight time anywhere in the service record.

no flying time as pilotSo where do we go from here and find out if he was a Mosquito pilot or not at the end of the war.

Here are the postings indicated on his service record. The scans were incomplete and Marilyn gave me the dates.

Patrick Maguire posting dates

So where to begin?

With these two documents.

Patrick Maguire 3-4

Patrick Maguire 5-6


3 thoughts on “Patrick Maguire

  1. There is a good book written by an RCAF WWII Mosquito navigator, Dave MacIntosh (deceased) titled: “Terror in the Starboard Seat” that may still be available at local libraries or if you check the site ‘’.

    It is a relatively short read that give a great insight into the life of a De Havilland Mosquito navigator in WW II.

    Hope this helps ..

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