Fleeting Glory

Paying homage to two Mosquito airmen…

A Very Unlikely Hero

A must read article…

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Low and fast across Calgary Airport on May 9th, 1945 – the day after VE Day and the day before the crash. Inset: Just after landing at Calgary on May 9. 1945. Maurice Briggs, John Baker and Edward Jack pose in front of Mosquito F-for-Freddie. Members of the public who bought bonds in support of the 8th Victory Loan Drive were allowed to chalk their names on the aircraft. Photo via Richard de Boer

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5 thoughts on “Fleeting Glory

    1. I met a veteran with RCAF 425 Alouette squadron who met a Spitfire pilot on a ship. They were back from Europe late October 1944.
      He had a DFC with two bars.
      He got killed while crossing a street in Ottawa. He wanted to phone his wife in Toronto.
      The veteran told me he picked up the phone and told the pilot’s wife that her husband was just killed in an accident.
      The irony is that a chaplain who was standing next to the people on the scene of the accident did not want to pick up the phone.
      True story.

  1. Re your Spitfire pilot – these true stories really bite even so long after the events. The irony is that you could not put this into a fictional story as no one would believe it. The human brain has its own perverse logic (e.g. we instinctively feel safer in our cars today than we do in a modern aeroplane – even though we ‘know’ the statistics tell us otherwise).

    1. One day Hilary I will find out who was this Spitfire pilot. In fact, this blog about your uncle will be the stepping stone…

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