Just Pictures? Redux

Flight Lieutenant James Evans Jenkins is not in this group picture after all.

127 Sqdn Pilots- Western desert


I jumped the gun or was too quick on the trigger.

I thought I would surprise Kim whose father was a fighter pilot in the Western Desert and then in Europe flying Hawker Typhoon.

Hi Pierre and Patricia – amazing what information you’re finding Pierre! Without a doubt though, I can confirm that is NOT my father in the photo. I have enlarged it and gone through the image with a fine tooth comb. The ears give it away – so not my father’s. The smile is very different too. The face is too long and my father also had a very characteristic way of standing. I immediately knew it wasn’t a photo of my father. Oh well! But how wonderful that Patricia is learning so much more about her father.

She has a blog paying homage to her father who was a New Zelander.



Click here to learn more about her father who came back from the war. 


James Evans Jenkins

Kim and I came very close virtual friends when she found my post about No. 6 SFTS, Dunnville, Ontario. This is how I found her blog about her father who had some of his training done at the same airbase as a Mosquito pilot I had been researching since 2010.

Click here to read the post.

This is how our virtual friendship started and this friendship led Patricia to find virtual friends who were sharing the same passion: paying homage to those magnificent men.

But we are not alone. John is also sharing his expertise and he provided precious information like the Operations Record Book for March 23rd, 1945.

death of james


3 thoughts on “Just Pictures? Redux

  1. Whether or not you jumped the gun, it’s a fine bit of digging! And at the least, the second photo (with the white bass guitar) are mostly in the first photo. Certainly, the bunch in the guitar photo appear to be the core.

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