Remembering J. H. M. MacKinnon

Who remembers J. H. M. MacKinnon?

JHM MacKinnon

His daughter Patricia has been searching for information about her father she never knew.

John Englested found this information and sent it so I could write something about Pilot Officer MacKinnon.

J. H. M. MacKinnon joined 127 Squadron on 16 February 1942 flying Hurricane IIs. 

On 5 November 1942 he shot down a Messerschmitt Me109.

He then disappears out of the 127 Squadron records (last ops 10 November 1942) but returns on 7 April 1943. I don’t know where he went in the meantime.

On 17 September 1943 he had a landing accident in a Spitfire (127 Squadron was changing from Hurricanes to Spitfires at the time). He was OK.

Then he is posted out on 13 October to instruct at 206 Group (according to the 127 Squadron records).

23 July 1944 he joins 72 Squadron at Calvi flying Spitfire IXs.

14 October 1944 he has a share in shooting down a Junkers Ju188 near Bergamo, Italy.

28 November 1944 he joins 213 Squadron at Biferno flying Mustang IIIs.

And then he was shot down by flak on an armed recco over Yugoslavia on 23 March 1945 flying a Mustang III KH421. Take off time 0525 from Zara.

Patricia added this:

promotions inc. dates
Pilot Officer (probation) wef 20 August 1941 LG35301 dated 7.10.41
Flying Officer (war subs) wef 20 August 1942 LG 35709 dated 18.9.42
Flight Lieutenant (war subs) wef 20 August 1943 LG36165 dated 19.9.43.

Patricia had two pictures of her father when he was posted with 127 Squadron. These two pictures were taken at the same time by looking at the faces and the clothes pilots are wearing.

127 Sqdn Pilots- Western desert