Korean War (8)

Part 8

Pacific Paratrooper

9 October 1950, the Marines began to debark, but each wave of troops was forced to wait for a rising tide. The Eighth Army now crossed the 38th parallel and by the following day, the Marines were headed for Hungnam. The ROKs, some with bleeding feet, continued north. Admiral Doyle criticized General Almond since the United Nations had stated that no non-Koreans troops were to be used in provinces bordering the Soviet Union or Manchuria. ROK troops were already reaching Wonsan by 11 October, making an amphibious landing unnecessary.


To top things off, the waters off Wonsan were heavily filled with chemical, pressure and electronic mines. Admiral Struble assembled 21 minesweepers, 9 of which were Japanese. (This was against every diplomatic rule.) The clearing flotilla amassed at Sasebo and moved across the Japan Sea. The cruiser Rochester, with 5 destroyers, at first spotted 61 mines and then later discovered…

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4 thoughts on “Korean War (8)

  1. This is what I wrote…

    Une blogue écrit par la fille d’un parachutiste dans le Pacifique.
    Son oncle a fait la guerre de Corée.
    Elle écrit sur cette guerre.
    Elle n’est pas une historienne, mais une passionnée de recherche.
    C’est en anglais.

    Voici le premier texte.


    Sept autres suivent et d’autres suivront.

    Une lecture extrêmement enrichissante, surtout les commentaires laissés par les lecteurs et les lectrices.

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