Korean War (7)

Part 7

Pacific Paratrooper

The 5th Marines were under MacArthur’s orders to capture Kimpo (ASAP) as it would be beneficial in retaking Seoul. A Marine Corsair landed on Kimpo as bulldozers prepared to fill the craters in the runways. He was hustled off the field and the official first aircraft to land was a Sikorsky helicopter from Marine Observation Squadron 6. The squadron’s 8 helicopters were the only such aircraft used in Korea.

22 September 1950, Walker’s 8th Army was barely moving as troops from the Inchon landing were nearing Seoul. The 187th Rakkasans began landing at Kimpo airfield. Lt.Colonel Delbert Munson assumed command of the field which had mainly been cleared by the previous troops. Once the entire regiment was in place, their mission was to clear the Kimpo peninsula; the 1st Platoon, L Company took the point to go after North Korean guerrillas that were heading north. On 27 September at 1230…

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8 thoughts on “Korean War (7)

      1. No matter where they got it, it deserves to be repeated. Why is it that the Canadian soldiers didn’t get much press? Did Britain incorporate you and the Australians as their own?

      2. The attitude of the British is well known.
        Canada, Australia, New Zeland… were still regarded as former colonies.
        I won’t write a thesis about this, but several anecdotes reveal this.
        Captain Stubbs, the commander of the Athabaskan, wrote in a report that he wondered if Britain had declared peace with Germany because he was sent in harm’s way so many times. It was always the Canadians…
        The Dieppe raid in 1942 is another example that is still very controversial.
        I will leave all this to historians to debate.
        I don’t have to convince anyone about how soldiers, sailors, and airmen were only pawns on battlefields.

      3. I have been getting that feeling all thru my research, but wasn’t sure what the Canadians, Australians and New Zealand people thought about it. I didn’t know if it was a common acceptance or what. I wasn’t quite certain how to go about asking questions into this subject.

    1. I can’t find the words to say how much I enjoy the posts and the comments.
      I don’t want to be redundant.
      We share the same passion: teaching others the truth behind History…

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