Korean War begins

The history lesson continues…

Pacific Paratrooper

The 6th Division, led by Pang Ho-san and manned by North Koreans (most of whom had previously fought with the Chinese Red Army) quickly swept south and then east, equipped with Russian matériel.  The NKPA totaled 130,00 in ten divisions as opposed to 100,000 undertrained ROKs in eight divisions.  The invasion came in two fronts, the second being led by Marshall Choe Yong Gun heading directly to Seoul and then on to Pusan.  There was no equal to this force below the 38th parallel and as the Republic of Korea troops abandoned all they had and fled, the In Min Gun trampled everything in front of them.  Operation Pokpoong had started and the battles of Kaesong-Musan and Ongjin were highly successful and  Yangwon and Kangryong were immediately captured.

25 June 1950, Captain Joseph Darrigo, a member of the Military Advisory Group, was woken by the sound of gunfire he knew…

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