D.E.M.S. Redux

This is Jean-Denis Ledoux’s service record.

Jean Denis Ledoux 003 Jean Denis Ledoux 004

Jean Denis Ledoux 005 Jean Denis Ledoux 006 Jean Denis Ledoux 007 Jean Denis Ledoux 008

Jean Denis Ledoux 009 Jean Denis Ledoux 010

Now we can see on what kind of ships he served.

cliffspointpleasantparkThis photo of the Defensively- Armed-Merchant Ship S.S. Point Pleasant Park, is taken from The Unknown Navy: Canada’s World War II Merchant Navy by Robert G. Halford. (source)



There is not many information on those ships. Click here.

Original post

We see in this picture Louis Ledoux’s brother.

Jean Denis Ledoux is the sailor in the middle of the first row. He is among friends who are also sailors.

This picture would have been taken in 1943, maybe in Montreal in Lafontaine Park. Jean-Denis Ledoux lived in Montréal.

Réjean Ledoux is the one who posted this picture with others on the Veterans’s site. He is Jean-Denis Ledoux’s son. He told me his father was a gunner aboard a merchant ship.

That’s all he knows… for now.

This is another picture of Jean-Denis Ledoux.

Jean Denis Ledoux

With this is mind, I went on the Internet to find more about those armed merchant ship.

This is what I found on the Internet… but I found much much more. But as an introduction, we will start with this.

They called those ships D.E.M.S or Defensively-equipped merchant ships.

This is the link… Click here.

This is a badge worn by sailors who belonged to this service.

Now look at Jean-Denis’ friend… and a close-up of his uniform…

So what… I’ve nothing to hide…

Déjà vu…?


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