Old 666

From a message sent by Jim L’Esperance.

Had to pass this on.


 Click here…

Wikipedia info

Old 666, B-17E 41-2666 was a World War II B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber which was assigned to the United States’ 43rd Bomb Group in 1943 and was the aircraft piloted by Lt. Col. (then Captain) Jay Zeamer on the mission that would earn him and 2d Lt. Joseph Sarnoski each a Medal of Honor, and every other member of the crew a Distinguished Service Cross.

More here.

Website dedicated to these airmen.

Jay Zeamer’s obituary


3 thoughts on “Old 666

  1. That website has the most remarkable story, I hope all you readers take a minute to read it all – it is certainly worth the time. Thanks, Pierre.

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