Just a Thought…

Found this comment on this blog about a pilot I have talked about on this blog: Flight Lieutenant James Evans Jenkins.

img_5677 img_5292

On the last post from his daughter who pays homage to her father, someone wrote this…

Hi, just a thought, you mentioned James H. McD. MacKinnon in one of your letters, he was my Father. Do you have any more information of him? He was killed on the 23rd march 1945.
Thanks for your time,
Patricia Taylor.

I asked Patricia for more information about her father to help us find more if possible.

Hello Pierre, re James Mackinnon joined 127 Squadron February 1942 at St. Jean, Palestine; posted to 203 Group at Heliopolis, Egypt as a flying instructor; nco-136602   officer-106816; posted to 213 Squadron in mid 44.

Kindest regards,


Everything is possible.

Nothing found on this Website dedicated to this Squadron.

Click here.

His name appears here…

P/O James Huntly MacDonald MacKinnon.

Not much more on the Internet just like information on James Evans Jenkins before his daughter started to write about her father.

Just a thought…


5 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

    1. I did some copy editing of my post.
      It is more fitting the way I ended it.

      I intend to pursue that story with Patricia’s help.

      1. I am impressed and touched by the prompt reply with so much info about my father James MacKinnon. Even if I already have most of it, it doesn’t matter! I am the last of the line (72) and the efforts of all of you almost bring him back to life! Indeed, we must not forget them or their families. I am going to try to send you a photograph which may mean something to someone else. Will go into battle with modern technology!!
        Kindest Regards,
        Patricia Taylor.

  1. There are so many sites out there, you just have to find the right words to punch in, eh? Good luck with this story, I have all the confidence in you.

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