Just a Thought… Redux

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Hi, just a thought, you mentioned James H. McD. MacKinnon in one of your letters, he was my Father. Do you have any more information of him? He was killed on the 23rd march 1945.
Thanks for your time,
Patricia Taylor.

I asked Patricia for more information about her father to help us find more if possible.

Hello Pierre, re James Mackinnon joined 127 Squadron February 1942 at St. Jean, Palestine; posted to 203 Group at Heliopolis, Egypt as a flying instructor; nco-136602   officer-106816; posted to 213 Squadron in mid 44.

Kindest regards,


Everything is possible.

J. Huntly M. MacKinnon, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, son of Sheriff J. A. R. MacKinnon, Dundee, was born on 15th September 1920. Entering Watson’s in 1926, he left in 1934 to enter Fettes College and thereafter took up farming as a career. Joining the R.A.F. in 1940, he served in Fighter Command in the Middle Fast, France and Italy. He was killed in action on 2 3rd March 1945 on a sortie into Yugoslavia.


Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Trade: Pilot
Service No: 106816
Date of Death: 23/03/1945
Age: 24
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 213 Sqdn. 
Grave Reference 5. A. 8.

Additional Information:

Son of James Alexander Rudolf MacKinnon, M.A., LL.B. Sheriff of Dundee and Patricia MacDonald MacKinnon, of Forfar, Angus.



10 thoughts on “Just a Thought… Redux

    1. I can’t help it when someone needs help with their relatives especially Patricia who lost her father in WWII.
      213 Squadron was flying Mustang IV at the end of the war.
      I will continue that story and wait for others to find the blog.
      This is how Eugene Gagnon’s started in the first place.
      We had even less information to start with.

    1. Hello Pierre, thank you once more for reply. I am a bit confused with . Yes, I have read everything. I have written to RAF Cranwell for anything they have,(logbook perhaps?) I see these are even sold in auctions! Just another thought,,,,with 2014 not too far away, it made me remember as a young girl (in the U.K.) hearing people talking about their experiences in BOTH World Wars .I can´t begin to imagine the suffering . Man´s inhumanity to Man!
      And once more,
      kindest Regards,
      Patricia Taylor

      1. Hi Patricia,

        Thanks for your comment.
        You are right about the suffering and the people who auction those precious artefacts.

        I believe everything should be kept in the family.
        It’s part of a family history.
        This is to precious to auction off.

        It has to be shared like some of us bloggers do.
        You know whom to trust when you read what we write about these fine men who gave so much.
        We don’t ask for donations via PalPal.
        That I will never do.


  1. Thank you for caring enough to take the time to do the research. You honor everyone who served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice and their families..

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