Not Much Happening on This Blog

Paying homage to those who served their country

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Not much except this…


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One thought on “Not Much Happening on This Blog

  1. Pierre I was thinking back to when I started working at CP rail back in the early 1960s. I can recall talking to oldtimmers who had worked in the shops during the war. The main shops were [Weston Winnipeg][Angus Montreal]and [Ogden Calgary]. It was said CPR helped with the war effort by building tanks at angus shops, assembling airplane engines at Weston shops. I never learned what they did at Ogden shops to help the war effort,but I would think they must have also pitched in to help. I can recall seeing pictures of tanks built at Angus shops in a CPR newsletter. It might be interesting to find out more about that history. I am sure CN rail must have been invoved as well. I just thought this might be something you may be interested in knowing.


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