History Detectives

Everyone can become one. You just have to be persistent with your search.

I am a very persistent person. I am also very respectful of others.

Lawrence was not. I found that out reading his diary.

So what about this Find A Grave Website where I showed you a picture last time?

lawrence.JPG1I found this memorial there and I wrote the person who put the information on that site hoping he or she was related to Lawrence.

This is the reply…

No, I am not related. 

I took photos of all 22,000 Veterans buried there and posted them to findagrave,


Next time the first entry in the journal.

Before I leave you, this is another picture of people related to Lawrence.

family picture 2

Father, Mother, and Larry or a brother?

So many question marks?

How’s this?

manIt was glued on this page.

journal page 3


7 thoughts on “History Detectives

    1. That’s the fun part… having people finding your blog and getting all excited and starting to share information.

      One blog often leads to writing other blogs…

      Lest We Forget the English version of Souvenirs de guerre
      23 Squadron because of Eugene Gagnon the Mosquito pilot
      RCAF 403 Squadron because of Greg Bell I met when I went to see George Stewart who knew Eugene Gagnon
      RCAF 128 Squadron because Greg Bell’s grandfather was stationed there also before being posted with 403 Squadron
      RCAF 443 Squadron because of Nicole whose granduncle Arthur Horrell was killed in the war and wanted me to help her pay homage to her granduncle.
      RAF 293 Squadron because Nicole’s grandfather Charles Stanley Horrell, Arthur’s brother, was in that air-sea rescue squadron. He came back.

      I knew nothing about these squadrons not even that they had existed before people contacted me.
      I am just curious by nature.

      1. Easy… I don’t watch television.
        Just news and weather to keep in touch with what goes on in this world.

        Also I write fast…

      2. Ah-Ha!! I’m a click – tap- click kind of writer. Disorganized, so many posts need to be handwritten out before I type them in to get all the notes together.

      3. I hate to write by hand… too slow.
        This morning I will get my hand on the journal…

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