Is It That Important? Part Deux

Is it that important that we find relatives of this man even though he was not a famous ace during WWII?

I think so.


Lawrence Walton Montague

Is it that important that we give back this personal diary he wrote back in 1942?

journal13I was asking myself this question this weekend. The answer was obvious.

This diary is quite sensitive in nature. It reads like a novel and it reveals Lawrence Walton Montague’s inner feelings about the war.

What bothers me are the entries that are sometimes shocking and very disrespectful of his superiors and his comrades revealing the character about a young man who enlisted in the RCAF, but who regretted this move.

Why he enlisted is not known.

He did so before December 7th, 1941. Strangely enough there is no mention of Pearl Harbor anywhere in the diary nor about the U.S. entering the war.

I got my answer.

I have just started reading a book written by a famous Spitfire pilot.

Nicole 002 (2)

He wrote it using his diary.

He writes that when he was a cadet, cadets were not that interested with what was going on with the war. Lawrence’s attitude seems then to have been prevalent with young cadets during WWII.

I am going to continue with this story, but not because of Lawrence and his controversial entries in his diary, but because of the overwhelming research done on the Website that had his name and try help perpetuate the memory of the new pilots who stood at attention listening to Wing Commander Patriarche address on March 27, 1942.

Course 44: December 6, 1941 – March 27. 1942

Wing Commander Patriarche addressed the graduates.”This coming year is going to be an extremely tough one and there will be a tendency all through the Empire of the people to criticize those in authority. It is being done already but I hope that you here, both airmen and visitors, will have no part in it. Make sure before you criticize that you always have a suggestion better than what you are criticizing. None of the men in political or military authority is of a lower standard than the rest of us. They have to be better men or they would not have got the job. You can take it for granted that those men can make just as good or better suggestions than the rest of us. Bear in mind that they have all the facts, whereas we have but a few.

+(J/10741) Eric Thomas Garrett, (J/10742) Harold Eugene Bridges (DFC), (J/10744) L.J. Smith, (J/10748) Thomas Ernest Hilary Farley, (J/10751) William James Stangel, (J/10752) Alfred Giles, +Daniel Ray Scott, +Robert Byrne Honeycombe, Eric Thomas Garrett, Wallace Oppenheimer, James W. Gillen, Gordon A. Patton, +Albert Dalton Braswell, Lee Wells, Conrad Ross Crawford, John William Hubler, Charles Arthur Plewman Appleton – DFC 433 Sqn., +Frank Joseph Borrell, Lawrence Walton Montague, Joseph Wilford McMullin, George Greenwood, +Vincent Wall, John Claire MacDonald, +Dorian Ledington, William Houston Julian, Norman Alexander Ballantyne, John Land Clinton, Edward Mielko, M.M. Fudge, John Douglas Hooper. R. King, James Pringle Morton, +Victor George DeHavilland, Harold Albert Heacock, C.E. Shannon, William Bruce Brittain (DFC), Alexander Wall Strang, G.D. Watson

Royal New Zealand Air Force: (414667) A.J. Osborne, Arthur David Leese, (414238) Alfred William Burge DFC), G.T. Couttie, +(414651) Godfrey Alan McKoy, +(414721) Harry Keith Williams, +(414677) Arthur Lyall Ray, +(41430) Bruce Mackenzie Hirstich, +(413858) Maurice Carson Jolly, + (414380) Douglas Robert Bannerman, +(413875) Frederick Thomas Martyn, +(414664) Andrew George Patterson Newman, +(414278) Raymond Cyril Going, +(414321) Mervyn Jack Mills, Jack McRae Brigham, R.R. Horo, V. Orr, R. Wing, S. Matthews, T.D. Stewart, James E. Shields, T. Alexander, W.M. Sampson, R.J. Hetherington, R.S. Campbell, J.J. McMath, J.N. Buchanan, B.G. Simpson, J.M. McCarrison, W.P. Bennett, (414374) William Frank Bern

So is it that important that we find relatives of this man even though he was not a famous ace during WWII?

I think so.


4 thoughts on “Is It That Important? Part Deux

    1. I think you are right.
      This story has to be told even though it might give a wrong impression of Lawrence.

      Who is to say that someone is Mister Perfect in this world?

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