Bill Gregory and Bob Braham

From IWM site…


One of Fighter Command’s top night-fighting teams was that of Wing Commander J R ‘Bob’ Braham (right) and his navigator Flight Lieutenant W J ‘Sticks’ Gregory. Braham had shot down 19 enemy aircraft, mostly in Beaufighters, with another 10 claimed on daylight Mosquito sorties. Although the pair had staff appointments when this shot was taken at Benson on 19 May 1944, Braham still flew operationally whenever possible. It was on one such freelance excursion over Denmark on 25 June that he was shot down and captured.

This site has also this picture.

large 2

The successful night-fighting team of Wing Commander J R D “Bob” Braham (pilot, right) and Flight Lieutenant W J “Sticks” Gregory (navigator), standing in front of a De Havilland Mosquito at Benson Oxfordshire. Braham was at this time on a supposedly non-operational tour as Wing Commander (Night Operations) at Headquarters, No. 2 Group, Mongewell Park, Wallingford, Berkshire. However he took the opportunity to team up again with Gregory and to fly a number of operational ‘Rangers’ on Mosquitos borrowed from other squadrons, adding a further 9 victories to his score of 20 enemy aircraft shot down. On 12 May 1944 they were forced to ditch in the North Sea on being hit by anti-aircraft fire after despatching the 29th victim. Following their rescue Braham was “grounded” until 6 June 1944. He and Gregory are seen here having travelled to Benson (the airfield nearest to HQ 2 Group), for an Air Ministry ‘photo call’. They refused to don helmets and parachutes for the photographer, but are wearing their, preferred, German lifejackets.

It is the same picture found in the Gosling family collection.

23 Squadron crew 1

I wonder if Ted Gosling knew those two airmen and if he is the one who wrote the caption.


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