Pearl Harbor

After watching the video on Jimmy Doolittle, I saw this interesting video about Pearl Harbor viewed from the Japanese side.

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Notes taken from the video

On December 7, 1941, explosions rocked Pearl Harbor and altered the course of history. Now, meet the man who executed the attack. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was a military genius who brought modern warfare into the aerial age. Although opposed to attacking the United States and “awakening the sleeping giant,” Admiral Yamamoto dedicated his life to the battle that devastated U.S. morale and forced America into World War II.

In an interesting historical departure, this fascinating documentary analyzes the attack on Pearl Harbor from the Japanese point of view and focuses on Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese military mastermind who (though bitterly opposed) planned the attack on the U.S. fleet anchored in Hawaii. If history is written by the victors, this view of the events of December 7, 1941, fills an important gap in the historical narrative of World War II.

It is somewhat mis-titled, for it actually briefly covers the entire ill-fated Pacific campaign. It has a strong focus on Admiral Yamamoto himself–his foresight and vision as a military leader, and his reluctance to enter into a fight with the U.S. It is interesting to hear a few words from the Japanese perspective, yet it seems that is all you get–a few words. There is little groundwork laid which might explain more fully Japan’s reasons for attacking us.


Dec 7 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
Dec 10 1941 Sinking of Prince of Wales
Feb 27 Mar1 1942 Battle of Java Sea
May 7-8 1942 Battle of Coral Sea
June 4 1942 Battle of Midway
April 18 1943 Death of Yamamoto
Feb 17 18 1944 Destruction of Truk
June 19 20 1944 Battle of Phillippine Sea
October 26-28 1944 Leyte Campaign
April 7 1945 Sinking of Yamato
September 2 1945 Japan’s Surrender


2 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor

    1. The video about Doolittle is quite revealing.
      His granddaughter is doing the same thing as you are doing with your blog.
      Her message is remarkable.

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