This is how to pay homage to those who fought for their country…

Pacific Paratrooper

I wrote this many, many years ago when I first heard the story about the raid and the release of 2,122 internees. I have been hesitant to include this in my father’s story, but since you have all been so patient with me in the past, I thought I’d give it a shot. I am told that the rhythm is hard to find and my answer is: I told you I wasn’t a professional. Soooo, here it goes …

Ode to the Los Banos Raid, 23 February 1945

Men in mass, 8,000 “thieves,” 11th Airborne Division,
Objective: clear the jungle more dense than anyone could envision.
Secure in themselves after New Guinea and Leyte,
Safety in their brotherhood, their trooper fraternity.

Commanded by ingenious General Joseph May Swing,
Offensive – plan to destroy the enemy string.
Maneuvering 16 days to break the…

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