The enemy they faced

A most interesting blog about the recollections of someone’s father who was a paratrooper in the Pacific in WWII.

Pacific Paratrooper

Pierre Lagace of Lest We Forget, sent me a link that I feel pretty much explains what the American G.I. was up against in the Pacific, at least what the government perceived it to be. The article is long, but well worth the time. I have taken his suggestion of allowing the reader to try and visualize what was transpiring on the Aga defile in Luzon and all around the Pacific.

By the time Japan and the U.S. went to war, the Asians had already had a long history of honoring their warriors, their rulers and religion and forefathers. Their government was developed over centuries. Americans, on the other hand, were young. We appeared to have no history or pride. I remember my father telling me that the Japanese had considered the American soldier a mercenary, a paid soldier with no righteous need to fight – only money.


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