Fast and furious

Pacific Paratrooper

Mount Aiming had been conquered, but after all the fighting , the American now had no cover from the enemy artillery at Kaytitinga. Their two artillery battalions, along with the power of P-38s and A-20s made short order of the problem. The 188th and the 1st of the 187th made their way forward faster and faster as the Japanese retreated in earnest. The enemy left the Aga-Caylaway area so quickly, they had abandoned close to 100 tons of ammunition, along with food, clothing, documents, weapons, cigarettes, soldier’s packs and liquor. The 188th discovered ditches to trap tanks in their defense that were 25 feet across the top, 4 feet long and 25 feet deep. Bridges had to be built by the 127th Engineers to cross these trenches because the men could not go around them. By early evening of 2 February 1943, the 188th and 187th found themselves bombarded with…

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