St. Catharines July 1941

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

What more can I say…

November is a good time to remember… what happened in July 1941.

Eugène Gagnon did not die in a plane crash while training in a Fleet Finch like LACs Fetherston and Davie.

I will tell you how he died later.

Eugène Gagnon is on a picture his nephew Jacques Gagnon shared with me in 2011.

At first I thought it was taken at No. 4 Manning Depot in Quebec City. I quickly had identified Eugène.

I had this other pictureJacques Gagnon shared.

There was something written on the back…

Pretty easy to identify who were on it and where it was taken thanks to Eugène.

Front : Nadeau – McGuire

Back : Reardon – Sweet – Cloutier

St. Catharines Ont July 41

In 2011 I had figured the group picture was taken later when Eugène was posted to No. 4 Manning Depot.

I wished…

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