Glad to Be Alive

Remembering HMCS Regina K- 234

No caption needed…

Kristy sent this message with it.

Hi Pierre,

These are the actual photos we have. I’ll include the official numbers.

The first is the original photo that was used in the news clipping.

I’m glad we have the clipping so I know the other sailors names. This is an official Royal Candian Navy Photograph negative No S2063-3. It has Dinsmore handwritten on the back. Perhaps where it was taken? My Grandfather Robert Barr in the Sailor on the far right.


The second attachement is probably my favorite of the bunch. It shows the survivors fairly freshly rescued (still sporting some injuries) wearing U.S. Military uniforms since their clothes were destroyed. I managed to match a few of them to the news clipping that lists the names but it’s hard to be certain. My Grandfather Robert Barr is third from right. He had a leg injury and it…

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