Horror in the Pacific: USS Indianapolis

Map of Time | A Trip Into the Past

The USS Indianapolis was launched in late 1931 in New Jersey and by 1945 had seen her fair share of action. Commanded by respected captain Charles McVay, the Portland-class cruiser carried nearly 1,200 in crew. After delivering parts for the atomic bomb Little Boy to Tinian on 26 July 1945, Captain Charles McVay proceeded to Guam where he would receive further orders. While in Guam McVay requested an escort to accompany him to his next destination, Leyte. He was told he would not need one and so on July 28th, the good ship Indy set sail for Leyte. The night of July 29th was particularly warm. As a result about 300 sailors had decided to sleep on the deck. Throughout the ship hatches and doors had been opened to allow air to circulate though the interior. Under the briny sea the I-58 skulked looking for prey. Shortly before midnight…

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