Tommy Smith’s Diaries

RAF 23 Squadron

Yesterday Peter sent me some of his father’s diaries to read.

Tommy Smith 1


I have just started. 

It’s not easy to read because I stop all the time wanting to know all the names of unknown places and other kind of info I read.

Like Babbacombe… Never heard of it!

Diary excerpt…

We climbed aboard buses, and were taken up and down the long, tree-enclosed hills of Devon to Babbacombe, two or three miles North along the coast, and from the bus I saw my pal from home, who had been in the machine for a week or so; and that was the nearest I ever got to speaking with him, though we were neighbours for a fortnight.

and No. 2 I.T.W. Cambridge. What’s I.T.W?

Diary excerpt…

On arriving then at St John’s then we were issued with a white ‘peak’, a handbook, PT kit and a green-brown camouflaged…

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