Nothing fell off, whizzo!

Great writing and great reading…

Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

One of Dad’s favourite words was whizzo, although I often heard him say wizard (way before Harry Potter made his appearance). And in the next page of Dad’s logbook (March 1-12, 1943), he uses the whizzo word when referring to a plane – a Hurricane IIC.

During March 1943, he was still stationed with No.2 A.D.U. (Aircraft Delivery Unit) and seemed to be doing mostly what he was doing in February, 1943 – flying around delivering aircraft at different landing grounds in North Africa. At least this is what I’m presuming from his logbook and some research. I read somewhere that new aircraft and/or replacement planes were delivered from factories to the R.A.F.

If this is the case, then I’m not sure how Dad got back to wherever No 2 A.D.U. was stationed. You know, these are all the sorts of things you wish you’d asked when younger. I spent…

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