No. 2 A.D.U.

The blog about Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins is back.

Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

Okay so I’m back and ready to take up this blog and WWII adventures of my Dad again. For the dedicated reader (apart from Pierre and John!), I’ve been working in Rome, Italy for the last few months. Sounds exotic eh? I worked there for 2.5 months last year – for a specialised agency of the United Nations – and was asked back for a second stint.

So where were we? The last log entry focused on No. 1 Aircraft Delivery Unit (A.D.U.) where Dad was posted in January, 1943 following completion of his fighter pilot training with 71 Operational Training Unit (71 O.T.U) at the end of December 1942. Seems that Dad was at No.1 A.D.U. for the month of January, 1943 – well, not even one month because his first log entry is January 14th. He seems to have left 71 O.T.U. on December 23, 1942. So guess…

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