247th article on this blog since August 2009.

I will always remember this scene.

My wife’s uncle sitting on a sofa in my brother-in-law’s living room in Monkland, Ontario. Strangely enough I can’t remember if we were in July or August 2009.

What I remember though is what my wife’s uncle said when we started talking about WWII. The subject came up when we were talking about his brother Jean.

Jean was wounded on D-Day. These are D-Day pictures from Wayne Silver’s collection.

HMCS Iroquois G89

Who is Wayne Silver? Click here.

Getting back to this story… which started in 2009, I had little to go on. 

Only this picture of Pierre Bachant taken in 1947.

I have looked at the group picture over and over again since 2009 to find someone who would look like him.

I never could find him in.

Now, thanks to Karen’s comment last week, where she wanted some help, I think I found him…

This is a long shot I know, but just like Karen’s father who did not talk much about the war and who was also not on the “list” found in the book Unluck Lady, Pierre Bachant and Ernest Anderson lives intertwine in 2012.

My wife’s uncle told us he enlisted in the navy, but that he had lied on his age. He was only 16. He got second thoughts about it and told his father. His father told him he would go to prison, so he decided to stay in the navy.

Pierre Bachant, 16, would find himself in the engine room on that fateful day of April 29, 1944.

He was writing a letter when all hell broke loose.

Who is Sherry Pringle? Click here.



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