Paying Homage to Thomas Delahunt Malone

This comment from a reader…

My father Jim William Hawley was on Regina the day she was sunk. We (I) can’t say enough about people like the captain of that cruise ship who was sensitive enough to allow this lady to read off the names of the young men who died that day. I also would like to pay particular attention to Able Seaman Malone whose actions that day saved the lives of all those who survived the explosion. What I don’t understand is why this young “hero” was never recognized as such.Thanks to this young man my dad was able to come home and raise a family, myself, brother John, Mary and Susan my sisters. What a legacy this kid left on planet Earth. If anyone out there knows anyone from his family in Three Rivers, PLEASE let us know so at least we as a family can thank them for their sacrifice. We have not nor will we ever forget Thomas Malone and all the sailors on that ship. My brother John actually visited the graves in England of T Malone and two other victims of that German sub attack. No will will never forget these brave “young” boys because that’s what they were.

Jamie Hawley, Peterborough Ontario, Canada

I had found these ancestors.


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